Nir Hora

Co-Founder & Director

Nir has been active in the capital markets for over 25 years, focusing on investment management, securities trading & derivatives, development & issuance of unique financial products, and establishment & management of companies and partnerships. Over the years, Nir has led negotiations and transactions, while addressing all aspects including financing, capital raising, legal, and regulatory.

For 20 years Nir has served in different positions at Clal Group, including CEO of Ilanot Betucha Capital (a subsidiary of Betucha that managed the company’s nostro funds), and Co-partner and CEO of Clal Finance Derivatives, which he founded with a group of partners and Clal Finance.

Under Nir’s management, Clal Finance Derivatives was involved in different initiatives such as:

  • Initiation and development of the ETNs & ETFs fields in Israel.

  • Pioneering the passive investment management field in Israel through Mabat ETFs Corporation, which was sold to Meitav Dash in 2011 with assets of approximately NIS 7 billion.

  • Establishment of market-making activities for public companies, trading activities in securities and derivatives for the company’s nostro funds, reaching a market share of over 15 percent.

  • Management of the Opportunity Hedge Fund

  • Initiation and establishment of B Financial Technologies which operates in the Fintech space, providing rating systems for investment products to banks and institutional entities, as well as the Israel Securities Authority.

In 2013, Nir and his partners Doron Slutsky, Amir Zellinger and Adi Goberman acquired Clal’s share in the Clal Finance Derivatives and changed its name to Bina Investments. Bina Investments continues the activities of Clal Finance Derivatives, including the market-making activity of over one hundred public companies via the Excellence, investment management for the company’s nostro funds, as well as activities in the field of non-bank credit and investment banking.

In addition, through its partner Adi Goberman, Bina provides Harel Insurance with consulting services in the mutual funds field. Bina continues to own B Financial Technologies, which provides rating services for investment products to most banks and institutional entities in Israel. Bina is a partner in Connexa Capital, together with the company’s CEO Hagai Yedid and Mr. Chen Katz.